Text Clipping

Using CintaNotes, you can quickly capture any text from the web or from any application. No plugins are needed. Simply highlight the text that you need and transfer it to CintaNotes with a single keyboard shortcut.

CintaNotes web clipper captures text from both off- and online sources

Full-text Search

Finding notes in CintaNotes is trivial. Simply start typing in the main window. You can also limit the search area to specific note fields, for example the note’s title, text, tags, etc. For cases where simple search is not quite enough, CintaNotes also supports more sophisticated search query syntax.

Finding notes with the full-text search

Notes Backup

To minimize the risk of data loss, CintaNotes creates hourly, daily and weekly backup copies of your notebooks. If needed, you can use them to restore the most up-to-date versions of your notebooks.

Securing notes with the CintaNotes backup options

Configurable Hot Keys

Almost all CintaNotes functions can be activated using keyboard and mouse shortcuts, speeding up the note-taking workflow. And the most frequently used system-wide shortcuts are fully configurable:
• clip the selected text as a note,
• show or hide the program’s window, and
• quickly create and start editing a new note.

Configuring shortcuts in CintaNotes


Sections are tabs, which are designed keep notes on different topics separated, notebooks can be divided into sections. They are represented as tabs in the UI. The free version of CintaNotes has a 3 sections limit. You can remove this limit by upgrading to a PRO license.”

Organizing thoughts and ideas with sections

Multiple Notebooks

Notebooks are files where CintaNotes stores your notes. The free version of CintaNotes supports only one notebook. By upgrading to a PRO or Lifetime PRO version you get to create and use several notebooks. This will help you keep different sets of notes separate, for example address books, projects you are working on, book and article excerpts, etc.

Organizing your thoughts and ideas with CintaNotes

File Attachments

Notes in CintaNotes are not limited to just text, they can also have files attached to them. Just about anything can be attached: Office files, images, audios, videos and even more.

With CintaNotes you can add attachments to your notes

Hierarchical Tags

If you take a lot of notes every day, the list of your notes might soon become unmanageable. You can solve this problem by using tags – keywords which describe and classify your notes. With the help of tags you can organize your notes into a tree-like structure. Keep your notes neat and organized.

Organize your thoughts and ideas hierarchically with tags in CintaNotes

Password Protection

You can password protect any notebook that contains sensitive data. It remains encrypted on disc until you enter the password to open it.

Securing notes in CintaNotes with password protection

Notes Synchronization

To access your notes on multiple devices, synchronize them with the free Simplenote service. This way you will also make your notes available on Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

Syncing your notes with Simplenote

Embedded Links to Other Notes

CintaNotes allows you to embed links to other notes right in the text of your notes. With the help of these custom links you can create personal wiki-like databases.

Embedding custom links in CintaNotes

Export Notes to HTML

With CintaNotes you should not worry about your notes being trapped in only one format. You can effortlessly export them to HTML. CintaNotes also supports export to XML and TXT.

Export to HTML